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Sports specific training is an essential element for every sports person. Sports specific training is a process of learning more advanced skills specific to your sport. Sport specific training uses exercise program to help athletes improve skill level or the movement patterns of each exercise for injury prevention. These training programs should be tailored for individual athletes to achieve goals.

A qualified personal trainer must obtain a bachelor's degree in exercise science, physical education, and sports medicine or a related field. They should have CPR certification and first aid from reputed organizations. They also require very good communication and listening skills and assessment when working with athletes.

The athletes are screened for their movement patterns before the training. Movement screening can help determine if you have any weaknesses or faulty movement patterns or your risk of injury. These faulty movement patterns or weakness will increase the risk of sports injury and limit the athlete's ability to perform. If faulty movement patterns are detected during assessment you need to improve those patterns before training.

At the beginning of the training dynamic warm-ups are performed. The purpose of dynamic warm-ups is to strengthen proper movement patterns, stimulate your nervous system, and to move your joints and muscles. At the end of the session a combination of dynamic stretches, static stretches and self-massage techniques are performed to help loosen up the tight and fatigued muscles.

Every athlete could benefit from sport specific training. You may receive feedback for your progress from your personal trainer. Personal trainer also takes out the guesswork from your workouts. They act as an athlete's coach and provide motivation and accountability in order to avoid withdrawal from training program. They also provide you information about exercise strategies and equipments.

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